Lawyer who used analytics in immigration and asylum cases is named top legal innovator

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Financial Times has named a lawyer who uses technology and data analytics in immigrant and asylum representation as the top legal innovator in North America.

The lawyer is Stephen Manning, legal director of the Innovation Law Lab, according to Financial Times.

Manning has helped create large pro bono networks to defend refugees. His Innovation Law Lab uses data analytics to help lawyers create best practices to help lawyers in immigration and refugee cases, according to program director Ian Philabaum, who spoke with PRP FM this summer.

Innovation Law Lab leads lawyers representing asylum seekers seeking release from detention centers. “Called Massive Collaborative Representation, the results have been dramatic,” Financial Times reports. “In 2016, the project advocated the release from detention of over 30,000 women and children, representing a 99 percent success rate. In 2014, by comparison, nearly all women and children who had been held in detention centers were deported, he says.”

Manning has helped foster wider collaboration between lawyers, helping provide legal support to detainees across the United States. Supporting the work is an online platform with immigrant and refugee resources that helps link lawyers and other volunteers.

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