Profile of elder abuse victim

Robert, 80 years old, lives with his children in Seattle whom are in their early 50’s.  Robert was a child growing up during the Great Depression, so he is unwilling to put his money in a bank account.  His children frequently taunt him for doing this.  Every day, Robert gets called a “silly old man” and “crazy” by those around him.  Robert is also called names by his grandchildren, and is the one who receives the blame for everything that goes wrong in the house.  The constant taunting and name calling makes Robert become very depressed, which is often confused with sadness by those around him.  Robert does not know that he is being abused, but he feels sad every day.  Robert is thus a victim of elder emotional abuse for being constantly insulted.

Mary, 78 years old, lives with her grandchildren in Portland whom are in their late 20’s because she is unable to take care of herself.  She pays her grandchildren to take care of her from her retirement savings.  However, her grandchildren are facing money problems as a result of over-spending on alcoholic beverages.  Mary receives a check from social security each month.  Whenever she receives a social security check, her grandchildren force her to sign it through coercion, and they take it to the bank and cash it for themselves.  In addition to that, she is often forced to help clean the house by herself, even though she has difficulty doing so.  Mary is a victim of elder financial abuse as she is being coerced into signing checks; and a victim of physical and emotional abuse for being forced to clean the house.

Elder abuse most often comes from the ones whom are trusted to take care of elderly people.  Thus, it is important that an elderly person has the right law firm representing him or her so that those who commit elderly abuse can be held responsible.