Trump, Sessions reportedly heading to ‘uneasy detente’ after firing of AG is discouraged

Attorney General

Attorney General Jeff Sessions/Gage Skidmore

Several presidential aides and lawmakers have warned President Donald Trump to work out his differences with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and to back away from his criticism of Sessions’ decision to recuse himself in the probe of Russian influence in last year’s election.

Trump and Sessions now appear headed toward an “uneasy détente,” according to several sources who spoke with the Washington Post. Those sources said Trump’s fury with Sessions appears to have peaked over the weekend. Several officials also told the New York Times they thought the storm over Sessions had passed.

Four sources, however, told the Post that Trump has discussed the idea of using a recess appointment to replace the former Alabama senator and one of Trump’s earliest backers. Two of the sources said the president’s discussions were musings rather than an action plan. The White House has said talk of a recess appointment amounts to “fake news.”

Democrats have indicated they will prevent any recess appointment by taking steps to ensure the Senate does not formally adjourn during the August recess.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on Wednesday that Trump was “disappointed” in Sessions, but, “You can be disappointed in someone but still want them to continue to do their job, and that’s where they are.”

Trump wants Sessions “to lead the Department of Justice,” Sanders said. “He wants to do that strongly. He wants him to focus on things like immigration, leaks and a number of other issues, and I think that’s what his focus is at this point.”

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